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We are committed to providing health and wellness information to people of all ages. Our resources provide information and tips to support your health and help you better understand your prescription drugs, medical conditions, natural health products, and complementary therapies.

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"DISCLAIMER: Information on the Malibu Pharmacy website is not intended to be a substitute or a replacement for obtaining professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment"


We constantly invest in high-end products thus ensuring quality healthcare .

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Below are some of our images  of our facilities and outlets accross the country .

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Our Branch Network

Agriculture House
Harambee /Moi Avenue branch
Tel. No. 0701747474
Email :

Vedic House
Kaunda Street
Tel. No. 0704747474
Email :

JF Center
Arwings Kodhek Road
Tel. No. 0707747474
Email :

Roughton Court
Arwings Kodhek Road
Tel. No. 0702747474
Email :

Reinsurance Plaza
Taifa Road
Tel. No. 0706747474
Email :

Kenrail Plaza
Ringroad Parklands
Tel. No. 0705747474
Email :