Some of the services that makes us stand out 
We Value our customers

Malibu Pharmacists play a key role in providing quality healthcare services to its clients. We have experts in medicines who use their clinical expertise.

We dispense prescriptions and other medicines, offer testing and screening for common conditions, and advise on minor ailments.

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Emergency Delivery Services

We offer delivery services to our consumers upon request to ensure convenience for our client. .

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Qualified pharmacists and pharmaceutical technologists.

All our dispensing staff are well trained and qualified.

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Medical Counseling

Consultation is also another thing that we offer and we are able to guide the patient on what medicine he or she should take from our pharmacy.

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Priority to the disabled

At our outlets we normaly give priority to the elderly disabled and expectant individuals .

The following services are available from your nearest Malibu pharmacy

We dispense prescriptions and other medicines and offer advise on minor ailments.

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Our dispensing pharmacists realize that each facility has unique dispensing needs and we cater to individualized preferences.

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Our patients receive free blood pressure, blood glucose and weight assessment in our outlets.

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Sharps Disposal

We offer sharps as well as expired drugs disposal for our clients Free of charge.


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